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Baja Mexico Travel - Sea of Cortez Explorations – Baja Expeditions La Paz - Come and discover the beautiful wilderness of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Join us in exploring this land we have come to call home....

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Gray Whale watching with Baja Expeditions
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The Whale Shark - Biggest fish known to exist
This gentle giant and biggest shark on the planet migrates every spring to the Gulf of California. Feeding at the surface of the Sea of Cortez, teeming with plankton, his primary food source. The Whale Shark gives us plenty of opportunities for close encounters even without scuba gear and scuba diving knowledge. Join us to see the mysterious whale shark.
Voyage around the tip of Baja
Ever dream of a fish tank filled with over 800 species of marine life - from schools of damselfish to mantas and hammerhead sharks? Now imagine into such a tank and share the waters with these sea creatures. El Bajo, Salvatierra, Cerralvo and Los Islotes. Eco Expeditions Baja will will introduce you to this famous locations and more.
Breeding grounds of the California Gray Whale
Visit with Eco Expeditions Baja the winter breeding grounds of the Gray Whale. San Ignacio Lagoon is the perfect place for whale watchers to observe these majestic creatures. It is just a short panga ride into the lagoon to see the whales.
Experience the essence of Baja - Espiritu Santo
The island of Espiritu Santo renders the perfect opportunity to experience the essence of Baja. Just 18 miles from La Paz it is surrounded by turquoise waters in its many coves. Snorkel with Sea lions at Los Islotes.
Extraordinary desert islands
The Sea of Cortez is populated by many extraordinary islands. We at Eco Expeditions Baja bring you with our Islands Kayaking tours in touch with this part of the Gulf of California...
Untamed coast between Loreto and La Paz
What a incredible thrill to guide your kayak 65 miles along untamed Baja California Sur coast. Your permanent travel companion: the Sierra Gigante Mountains. Pending on season there are good chances of whale sightings. Our guides paddle with you, sharing their knowledge.
Offering trips to Magdalena Bay since 1975
Sheltered by low barrier islands does Magdalena Bay provide a perfect winter home to the California Gray Whale. Magdalena Bay - a complex and captivating environment characterized by desert and the magnanimous California Gray Whale.
Featuring organic gourmet health food
The relaxed atmosphere at the Danzante Eco Resort offers an escape from the pace of modern life. The gated resort features 9 charming hilltop suites all with view. All this on 10 acres of seaside desert terrain situated south of Loreto.
Explore the surrounding area by horseback or foot, kayak, snorkel, swim and sunbathe on secluded beaches...

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